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zobacz gdzie znajdziesz nasze sklepy i kupisz prawdziwe greckie przysmaki

Greek cheese is an integral part of the Greeks tradition and nutrition. There are lots of types of cheeses produced in Greece.

You can use Greek cheeses as appetizers and in all types of cooking as baking and roasting. Try the taste of sold in our shops feta, haloumi, graviera, kefalotyri, manouri, and other Greek cheeses and I ensure you that you will love all of them.

Feta Cheese
Is one of the oldest cheeses in the world. The real feta it is produced only in Greece and it's traditional Greek cheese. Feta is type of soft cheese and is produced by sheep milk or by a mix of sheep and goat milk, however there can't be more than 30% of goat's milk in it.
It is preserved with salt (stored in braine), so it won't poil easily.
Feta is best known for it's role in Greek salad but it can be used in many types of dishes.
Sience 2002 feta is officialy ‘Greek only' cheese. The name ‘feta' comes from Greece and means ‘slice' and Greeks produced feta for the first time.
It is a white, soft and salty cheese stuffed with mint. Haloumi has been produced on Cyprus for 2000 year, but the receipt came to Cyprus from Egypt.

It's made of sheep or goat milk, sometimes also from cow's milk(but that's not the traditional receipt). It's often used inArabic, Greek and Turkish cuisines. The real taste of the haloumi cheese is when it's fried or grilled. It can be fried until brown without melting. Haloumi can be also indigrient of many salads.

It's produced of non-pasteurised sheep-goat milk. Fresh Mizithra is soft and elastic, but while ageing it changes into hard cheese and you can use is for example instead of parmesan cheese. The aged variety is known as Xinomyzithra.
Pecorino accually comes from Italy, and the name comes from Italian word ‘pecora' that means sheep. This hard cheese made of sheep milk is formed into ........(6-12 kilo) with white or dark-yellow rind. This Italian cheese has been produced in Greece for many years
This creamy and white cheese is made from sheep and sheep-goat whey. It is produced mainly in central and north part of Greece (especially in Macedonia). Because of no salt in it it's often used in low-fat diets and as an ingredient of sweet desserts (you should try it with honey).
Hard yellow thick cheese made from cow's milk, with spicy taste. It's perfect with white wines.

Kaseri cheese is traditional Greek cheese. This semi-hard, yellow cheese is made of:

1)    mix of sheep, goat and cow milk;
2)    mix of sheep and max . 20% of goat milk;
3)   only sheep milk.

It has perfect melting properties, so you can fry it or use it for expamle as an ingredient of kasseropita pie.

Metsovone - traditional Greek cheese. It's yellow semi-hard and smoked cheese made of sheep's and goat's or sheep's, cow's and goat's milk. It's unique taste comes from the fact that the animals that produce milk eat only herbs that are in region Metsovo. That's the orgin of the name Metsovone.
It's produced in northern and central part of Greece. Kefalograviera is a hard cheese with many holes in it, and it's made of sheep's and sheep's and goat's milk.
It has pleasant flavor and unique rich aroma. We use kefalograviera to prepare dish called saganaki.
Kefalotiri is a yellow rather hard Greek cheese, made of sheep's and goat's milk. It takes about 3 months for this cheese to ripen. It has characteristic salty flavor, not to many holes in it. It's perfect fried or grated and added for example to cooked vegetable or meat.
Graviera - the oldest Greek cheese is hard and yellow, made of mix of sheep's and goat's milk or only sheep's milk. It's taste is perfectly accomplished with wines ( Chardonnay Merlot, Cabernet Souvignion, Cabernet France, Kotsifali, Agiorgitiko, Asyrtiko, roditis).

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